Membership and Service Costs

Burn In 

$275 for 6 X 2hr classes of instruction with certified coaches and workouts in a small class setting of 4 participants, maximum.


$300 for 3 X 90 min sessions. The Fundamentals program is intended for individuals who have a need for an accelerated or individual program. Integration into regular group classes is at the coach’s discretion.

Drop-in Packages 

$300 for 10 class sessions, $35 for single drop ins. 6-month memberships receive a 10% drop in discount ($32 or $270 for 10). 12-month memberships receive a 15% discount ($30 or $250 for 10).

Monthly Memberships

*Contract and payment arrangements made at time of signup. Drop in classes can be added on an as-needed basis to supplement membership during membership commitment timeframe (see Drop-in Packages above). Membership allows you to sign up for classes online.

**Unlimited members may not attend more than one class per training day.

Chrysalis Physiques Personal Training & Counselling Sessions

*1.5 and 2 hr sessions are also available. All PT is provided by certified coaches on staff at pre-determined dates and times. The scheduled is based on coach/client availability. PT classes enable a group to get specialized training in an area of interest to those attending.

Note: All membership and coaching prices shown above exclude applicable taxes. Chrysalis Physiques accepts three forms of payment: Cash, MC/Visa or electronic transfer.