Membership and Service Costs

Burn In 

$250 for 6 X 2hr classes of instruction with certified coaches and workouts in a small class setting of 4 participants, maximum.


$300 for 3 X 90 min sessions. The Fundamentals program is intended for individuals who have a need for an accelerated or individual program. Integration into regular group classes is at the coach’s discretion.

Drop-in Packages 

$250 for 10 class sessions, $30 for individual drop ins. Discounted packages are available to Chrysalis members.

Monthly Memberships

*Contract and payment arrangements made at time of signup. Drop in classes can be added on an as-needed basis to supplement membership during membership commitment timeframe. Membership allows you to sign up for classes and manage your account online with MindBody Online.

Unlimited members may not attend more than one class per day.

Chrysalis Physiques Personal Training & Counselling Sessions

*Fees are based on per person, per hour. 1.5 and 2 hr sessions are also available. All PT is provided by certified coaches on staff at pre-determined dates and times. The scheduled is based on coach/client availability. PT classes enable a group to get specialized training in an area of interest to those attending.

Note: All membership and coaching prices shown above exclude applicable taxes. Cheques are payable to "Chrysalis Physiques". Chrysalis Physiques accepts three forms of payment: Cash, cheque or electronic transfer.