Gym Rules

The Workout

The workout is why we are here. Clearing the training area when your class is over, not speaking while another class is receiving instruction, and speaking to the coach regarding any medical issues or modifications you would may need to make to the prescribed exercises is important.

The dignity and integrity of all of our athletes 

Nurturing a safe and positive space for everyone is extremely important to us. Disrespect in any form will not be tolerated.

Your time and others'

Always arrive on time or early if possible, this means before the warm up! We understand that every once in a while things come up and being punctual is out of our control. Please do your best, as class sizes are small, spots are limited, and training is meticulously scheduled and programmed.

Our space and equipment 

Wear indoor shoes only, ensure your personal effects are properly stored, and clean up any chalk, tape, or bodily fluids you may have left behind.

Common language and hygiene etiquette

  • Bathing regularly and using deoderant or antiperspirant is greatly appreciated by everyone that uses the facility.
  • Always wear indoor shoes or socks in the training areas, bare feet are not permitted for health reasons.
  • Using polite language and being generally considerate is what helps maintain a safe space for everyone who uses it. Please be considerate of the feelings of others.
  • During workouts it is expected to grunt, curse, and even cry, but please don't run with it by being overtly crass or rude.

Our Coaches

  • Leave the coaching to the coaches. 
  • What we do has a clear purpose and associated benefits, always speak to a coach before modifying a workout or scaling a movement up or down to suit your needs.
  • If you are concerned that a participant is at risk of injury, including yourself, report to the coach immediately so that your concerns can be addressed.

Our Neighbours

  • Drive/cycle/walk cautiously on the street and watch out for children playing.
  • Park your vehicle in 1 of 3 ways: in our driveway* (our preference by far), on the South side of Georges-Forest Place (North side is illegal parking), or on Youville Street.
  • Do not bring equipment outside (driveway, front step, front lawn, etc. this is important for our business license).
  • Keep the garage doors closed at all times.
  • Keep conversation in the driveway and on the street to a reasonable volume. This is extremely important. Many families in the cul-de-sac have young children who are in bed long before our training sessions are over.

* There is space for 4 small-medium sized vehicles in the driveway, and we prefer not to monopolize the parking spots on the street for the rest of the neighborhood, so please park in the driveway whenever possible, odd-hour classes on the left and even-hour classes on the right.

The importance of your role in this community

  • Introduce yourself to members you have not yet met. We all want to know each other.
  • Whether you know it or not, you may be someone else's role model. Your presence can have a tremendous impact on the experience of other members, for better or for worse. 
  • Cheer, clap, and encourage your teammates!