History & More

Owners Hélène and Luc have been training out of their home since 2005, and began working with clients in 2009 through Chrysalis Physiques. The first training space was in the basement of their home, but in 2010 Luc and Hélène began renovating their garage to see what the potential for that space could be. By 2011, Chrysalis's space had expanded sufficiently to accommodate group classes, an offering that was extended to the general public in April of 2012.

With the close-knit Chrysalis community that has blossomed around Chrysalis Physiques, Luc and Hélène's home has become somewhat of a gathering place where friends and training buddies alike can get together to talk about training, fire up the BBQ, or just flop on the couch to talk about their day.

In the spirit of community, cooperation, and healthy competition, Chrysalis Physiques is a welcoming place where we all know each other, and welcome new members with open arms. We can't wait to see what the future holds for both our members and our gym.